Communications training:


Thom is a highly experienced Facilitator and Roleplayer in communications with over 10 years in practice. He helps to bring insights to further develop clients skills in communicating effectively, with seasoned knowledge in a wide range of sectors including:

  • Finance

  • Accountancy

  • Law

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Transport

  • Construction

  • Energy

  • Communications

  • Education


Clients have included: Linklaters, Hogan Lovells, TFL, PWC, EY, National Grid.

Thom is used to working in roleplay on both a one to one and group basis providing direct feedback to clients that is both constructive and able to aid there development within the training context provided through the chosen models and frameworks of the client.

Thom is also highly experienced at corporate filming and forum theatre.

He is used to running a room either as part of a team or individually.

Thom works for various developmental and training companies throughout the UK and Internationally.


Areas of training include: 

•    Performance Management

•    Change Management

•    Conflict Management

•    Negotiation Skills

•    Graduate Development

•    Presence and Impact

•    Interpersonal Skills

•    Time Management

•    Managing underperformance

"Working within training and development over the past ten years I've enjoyed the challenge of tailoring my skills to both individuals and business’ so that the most realistic environment can be created from which to develop and create trust."

Types of presentation 

One to one Roleplay

Working with individuals on set scenarios which can be passed at any point and allow for reflection 



Working with individual candidates to tailor a specific  conversation they would like to have with others

Forum Theatre

Presenting scenarios to the group to workshop collaboratively to resolve a particular issue allowing for  observations and the ability to influence to an improved outcome

E - learning & training videos

Tailored learning for an online experience, presented in the most effective way for clients needs

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